Best Machine Learning Languages in 2020

Machine learning is a study of data and computing algorithms which can make decisions without being programmed. It is a part of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and we all know that AI has become an important part of our regular lives. We are using AI everywhere from Google search to businesses.

There are several programming languages for machine learning that’s why it is always difficult for newbies to choose one. Choosing programming languages for machine learning hugely depends on the type of project you are going to work on. But, don’t worry if you are confused about the best machine learning languages to learn, we are covering a few ML languages in here to help you out.

Programming Languages for Machine Learning

  1. Python

Python is the best machine learning language to learn in 2020. Almost 57% of developers are using this as a machine learning language. The main reason behind this adaptability of this language as a machine learning language is that it is easy to learn. Most of the data scientists also use this language. It has a wide range of libraries for different sectors which is also another great reason for the wide use of this language.

If you want to enter into the world of machine learning then you should start with Python. Python has a rich library that includes Keras, scikit-learn, Teano, SparkMLlib, MXNET, TensorFlow, and PyTorch which can be used for artificial intelligence, deep learning NLP, machine learning, and many more.

Almost all the machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms can be implemented using this language. The syntaxes of Python are the easiest syntaxes than any other programing language.

  1. Java

Almost everyone knows the name of this language, even the non-tech people may also have heard the name. Java has been in the market for a long time and it is still reigning over many other programming languages. After Python, it is the most used machine learning language. Whenever it comes to the cyber security related machine learning programs Java is more effective than Python.

Java is quite an easy language that comes with several features such as GUI, easy debugging procedure, organized, and simplicity during big projects. It is one of the most secured languages because it uses sandboxes and bytecode. Most of the machine learning algorithms, both early versions, and the more recent ones are coded with Java.

  1. R

R was developed by Robert Gentle man and Ross Ihaka in 1995 and it is now controlled by the Development Core Team of R. It is a graphical language that is used in the several sectors of machine learning such as analysis, visualizations, and statistical computing. Some tech giants such as Google and Facebook use this language for data analysis, and it is also very popular in the Bio space. R is making a name for itself in this space for research papers in particular that have the inclusion of artifacts.

  1. JavaScript

This is the most used language for web development, and it is also used in machine learning to implement the ML algorithms in web platforms.

JavaScript is a dynamic, object-oriented, and high-level programming language that is in the market for a long time. Using this language, machine learning can easily be implemented into a web browser. It is also used in mobile applications, gaming, and other sectors that require an interface to run.


Python is by far the leader if your machine learning project is more than just a one-off and you intend to continue adding new features and functionality.